The Leaze


Dorset Castles Research Group (DCRG) is pleased to announce the start of site activity on the latest project at The Leaze, Wimborne. The project is funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) and local sponsors in Wimborne including Cobham Aviation, Waitrose and Bournemouth University.


Project scope will involve topographical and geophysical surveys on two sites to the southwest of Wimborne Minster where the remains of the medieval extension to Wimborne are located. Believed to have been established in the 12th Century by the church to raise revenue, this part of Wimborne was subsequently deserted in the 14th Century. Remains of the village can still be discerned in the landscape and this will be the focus of surveys to establish the hidden archaeology of the former village.


The project will involve the local community in Wimborne including an extensive involvement of the Queen Elizabeth School (QE). Sixth form students from QE will be actively involved in the survey work and analysis of the results. These results will be on display to the public with exhibition sites already agreed at the Priest House Museum, Allendale Centre in Wimborne and at the QE School itself.


All are welcome to participate in this exciting project, the public, sponsors and fellow archaeological groups.

The photograph above is the main track of the deserted medieval village looking north and the photograph below left is the same track looking south