GNSS in use at East Lulworth



We welcome new members who are interested in learning about the history and archaeology of Dorset. Membership is currently £10 per annum and open to anyone over the age of eighteen, irrespective of their background and abilities. We are a pragmatic group focussed on researching the impact of the Norman Conquest in 1066, though our activities may reach into other historic periods. There is an Annual General Meeting in June of each year when Officers are elected by the members. An Executive Committee holds project-related meetings several times a year and reports back to members on completed research and forthcoming activities-otherwise there are no regular committee meetings.

We hope that members will actively participate in the group's research activities which includes a range of fieldwork and, when necessary, associated documentary research. Our sites and research sources may be found in a variety of locations in Dorset and some travelling may be required. There are opportunities for members to operate a wide variety of geophysical equipment and become familiar with the software packages used to process data and prepare graphics for publication.


If you would like further details about our activities or would like to join please                us.


Officers of the DCRG are:-


Roger Hills MSc, Chairman

Ray Baxter, Secretary

Bob Srodzinski, Treasurer