The DCRG has mounted a number of exhibitions in connection with grant aided projects it has undertaken. The Dorset Castles Research Group (DCRG) were awarded a grant by the Heritage Lottery Fund (Awards For All scheme) in 2008 to investigate and report on early Norman castles in the Anglo-Saxon burhs of Dorset. The Anglo-Saxon burhs were fortified towns created by Alfred the Great from the 870s onwards as places of refuge and as a system of defence against the Vikings. There were three such burhs in Dorset namely Bridport, Wareham and Shaftesbury. A fourth town, Dorchester, was included in the project as it is believed this must have been a defended place of some significance.  All four towns were listed as Dorset boroughs in the Domesday Book. The DCRG believe that these towns were also the home of early Norman castles and the field work and desk top research was dedicated to examining this theory. The museum exhibitions were held in the four towns in 2010 reflect the work undertaken and the exhibition boards used in the displays can be viewed on the attached slide show. A different combination of boards was used in each museum to reflect the space available and the relevance to each town. The museums involved with the exhibitions were Bridport Museum, the Dorset County Museum - Dorchester, the Wareham Town Museum and the Shaftesbury Abbey Museum. A booklet was produced by the group to accompany all the exhibitions.

In 2012 the DCRG was awarded a grant by the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) to undertake research into the grounds of Lulworth Castle, involving students from the Purbeck School with the geophysical surveys and other aspects of the project. The aim was to determine the extent of the 17th century gardens lying adjacent to castle, locate the site of the abandoned medieval village of East Lulworth situated near the castle and attempt to locate the 12th century castle recorded by contemporary historians.


The project began in October 2012 and concluded in May 2014 and culminated in an on-going exhibition which is situated in the basement of the castle. Students from the school were present at an opening ceremony along with Wilfrid Weld and members of the Lulworth Estate staff and others who assisted in the project. The exhibition which comprises a looped audio visual display and exhibition boards explaining  the background of the project and the results of the geophysical and topographical surveys.A booklet has been produced by the group to accompany the exhibition and the exhibition boards can be viewed on the attached slide show.

Board 3.JPG